Non-invasive imaging of PD development

In recent work, we have been studying the dynamics of PD development using intact Arabidopsis seedlings growing in observation chambers. To image PD non-invasively, we crossed a transgenic line expressing a viral movement protein fused to GFP (MP-GFP; courtesy of Uwe Sonnewald) with a transgenic line expressing the PD-associated protein PDLP1 (courtesy of Andy Maule fused to mRFP (PDLP1-RFP). While MP accumulates specifically in the central cavities of secondary PD, PDLP1 targets all PD, allowing us to follow the fate of individual PD as they convert from primary to secondary forms. We are also using this approach to follow the fates of different PD during Arabidopsis embryogenesis. The aim is to examine the factors that drive the developmental transition from primary to secondary forms of PD.

Arabidopsis epidermal cells of a PDLP1-RFP v MP-GFP cross. PD are either red or green depending on their stage of development